The White Rabbit Trilogy

White Rabbit

Would you do the one thing you swore never to do again to save the ones you love?

Logan Alexander is in exile.

As the most gifted cracker on the east coast, he’s made a few of the wrong friends and even more of the worst kind of enemies.

When a job takes an unexpected deadly turn, he goes into hiding. If he can just manage to stay away, then no one else will ever get hurt because of him.

Or so he thinks.

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Black Swan

Roses have thorns…

At first look, Tess’ life seems absolutely flawless.

She’s gone from a scrappy little tomboy who grew up on the streets of Brooklyn to a gorgeous and sophisticated Manhattan socialite. She has money, influence, and a devilishly handsome husband who dotes on her. A real housewife of New York City.

But, deep down, Tess isn’t happy with any of it, and she quickly discovers that there’s a price to pay for her perfect existence – and that things on the surface are almost never what they seem.

Red Herring

She thought no one would ever come looking for her. She was wrong about that.

Over and over again, the images flashed through Tess’ mind. The gun in her hand, a man bleeding and writhing in agony on the ground, and her now missing mother’s utterly terrified face.

Desperate to get far, far away from all the drama, she fled and eventually nestled into a remote corner on the island of Cuba, convinced that no one would ever come looking for her.

But she was dead wrong about that.

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