It’s that time of year!

When I was a kid I *loved* those Scholastic catalogs we would get in school.

Sidenote: why don’t they have that for adults? Well, I guess they do … Amazon! But it’s not really the same. I’d like a nice paper catalog sent to my house. I want to be able to circle the books I want and have them delivered to me. Or better yet, how about a meetup in a nice, local bar? All the adults in an area can meet up and sip and chat while they pick up their books (to recreate the classroom atmosphere, but you know, update it for the grown-ups).

Seriously, can someone make this happen?

I digress…

My pile was always the biggest in the class (I drove my parents crazy making them order me all those books), but the last order before summer vacation was truly a sight to behold. I had to make sure I had enough new books to get through the summer!

And decades (I won’t say exactly how many) later, I still have a summer reading list. Every. Single. Year.

This summer, I’m diving into many juicy thrillers and mysteries.

You can check out my picks below!

My Summer Reading: Finished

My Summer Reading: Up Next