As much as the court cards still confound me a little (did you notice that my card for last month was a court card as well? … and stay tuned because several more come up before the year is over), I do get hyped when *my* card comes up. That card being the Queen of Wands, which in the Dust 2 Onyx deck is shown as Mama Staff.

Of course, she shows up reversed though. If court cards still confuse me at times, then reversed court cards? Even more so.

Mama Staff just has that regal looking face. It’s the face of a woman who knows … but doesn’t need everyone to know that she knows. She’s confident in her shit. She’s a leader and doesn’t need or seek permission. People just seem to flock to her, and she never steers them wrong when they do. The energy of the card is decidedly Sagittarian, which is, of course, the reason I love this card so much and adopted is as one of my own (I have a few more … sometimes I’m the Knight of Wands, sometimes I’m the Queen of Pentacles, sometimes I’m the Page of Swords). Mama Staff embodies adaptability, generosity, and graceful power.


Now there are a whole lot of different ways one can read reversals *if* you even choose to read reversals at all. It’s certainly not a requirement. If the cards want to show you something “negative” they’ll show you whether or not you read reversals. Sometimes to me the reversal truly indicates the opposite of the upright meaning. Sometimes it’s the upright meaning internalized. Sometimes it’s the energy of the upright meaning but blocked. Sometimes, the card is just trying to get you to pay closer attention. I don’t have a system for which approach I take. I use my intuition at the moment and listen to my gut. So when Mama Staff came up reversed, I didn’t get “opposite meaning” vibes. I got more muted vibes. The feeling of the energy of the card trying to come through, but not flowing as easily as it could.

There are quite a few things, creative things, that I’m working on bringing to fruition that do seem to be taking longer than I would like, so there’s that. Mama Staff reversed is telling me to keep plugging away, remove any obstacles or blocks that are hindering me, and then to trust the Universe (and my gut) and continue to be patient. Nothing before it’s time, yeah? But even so, confirmation that I’m on the right path and moving in the right direction.

Another interesting thing of note. The description in the companion book talks about the sacral area and making sure energy is flowing here. The sacral chakra, or womb center, is important for women especially. It’s the literal seat of our creative and feminine power. Any blocks in energy here will spill over into pretty much every area of life. Late last year, I remember making the conscious choice to pay attention and tend to this energy center more. Mama Staff reversed is a reminder to me to keep doing that work as well. Because then the creative things I’m trying to birth will just flow out of me. Creativity, sex, and drive reside in the sacral chakra. To honor this, I plan to return to regular journaling for emotional catharsis and creative expression.