So you ever pull a card (see a pin, hear a song .. really you can insert just about anything here) and feel like it’s *exactly* what you were supposed to see at that exact moment? Yeah, that pretty much sums up my July card. Lil’ Coin … he’s young but he’s bold, unafraid to try new things, to do the work. He perfectly embodies that energetic, limitless potential feeling of the Pages. I’ll admit the Court Cards have always been difficult for me (and a reversed Court Card … forget it!). But then I learned to just read them as an aspect of myself.
lil' coin

Confession: I’ve had money on the brain (like most of the world I’m sure). And not in a strictly hustling sense. I’m working hard to heal my inner hustler. It’s not something that will ever completely go away, (I’m a Sagittarius with a Leo moon after all … that’s double fire so we’re talking lots of masculine energy here … I was literally born to hustle). But I’ve been trying to balance my energies and not lean so hard into my masculine energies as much. Instead, I’m working on embracing my feminine side a bit more, and that means attracting and aligning versus hustling.

OK, tangent over. So I’ve been thinking about money not so much in a chasing-the-check, what-do-I-have-to-do-to-make-these-coins type of way, but more of a how-can-I-align-and-invite-the-spirit-of-abundance-into-my-life sort of way. Interestingly enough that shift has sent a few pitch-perfect opportunities my way like automagically. When you align the money comes. So I’ve been thinking about my direction and decided to recommit and fully lean into my mission (calling?) as a storyteller.

As you know if you’re reading this post or have been following me for a while, I love the tarot. I’ve been playing around with the idea of my own deck for like ever. Now this is where Lil’ Coin comes in because the card all about planting the seeds and leaning into new opportunities, setting new foundations, and then putting in the work and learning. I don’t know how to do a tarot deck but I’d better learn. Hey, I didn’t know how to publish a book before I just published a book. Trial by fire, that’s always been my way. It’ll show you what you’re truly made of and you’d be surprised what you learn about yourself.

So I take this card to mean that I need to pay closer attention to those creative desires that have been continuously bubbling up for me. They’re bubbling up for a reason. But more than simply looking at them, I need to get the ball rolling on bringing them to life.

So yeah … stay tuned.