White Rabit

When one phone call changes everything…

Logan Alexander is in exile.

As the most gifted cracker on the east coast, he’s made a few of the wrong friends and even more of the worst kind of enemies.

When a job takes an unexpected deadly turn, he goes into hiding. If he can just manage to stay away, then no one else will ever get hurt because of him.

Or so he thinks.

One phone call is all it takes to change all of that. To change everything. Forever.

One phone call thrusts him back into a world he swore to leave behind, and back to the home he can’t bear to return to.

One phone call puts his family — what’s left of them — in the gravest danger possible.

One phone call presents him with an impossible job, a job he doesn’t want to do.

But he must … or face some dire consequences.


A thrill ride that keeps you guessing and wanting to follow to see what happens.

Kenneth Lingenfelter - Amazon Reviewer

If you like your books to hard men with grit and rugged souls, then you will love Logan. If you want a dame that has more danger in her manipulation than her curves, Tess is your girl. The writing is simple, clean, crisp but razor-sharp.

Amazon Customer


11:53 AM

I’m not sure exactly what I’m going to say to Asa when I get to his house, but I thoroughly expect to be thrown off the grounds.

The house is hard to miss. It’s one of the largest in all of Montgomery County with its three stories, all brick exterior and large white pillars on either side of the front door. I remember all the time I spent in that house, tucked away in the basement office, pouring over Asa’s books, business contracts, and client files.

I don’t want to go in because I know things on the other side of that door will be very different this time around.

Still, I need to do this, so I take one long, deep breath and then press the doorbell. A few seconds later, a hunched over, mousy looking older man comes to the door. “Mr. Alexander,” he says, sounding not at all pleased.

I nod. “Bernard.”

He stands there looking at me and making it clear he’s not actually letting me in.

“I’m here to see Asa.”

“If I may, sir—”

“No, you may not. Just tell Asa I’m here.”

“Sir, may I remind you that you were told not to come back here. Maybe it would be best if you just left.”

I push past the small man with ease. “Asa,” I call out. “Come on down here. I want to talk to you.”

There’s perfect silence for a few seconds.

I call for Asa again.

“What the hell? What’s all that racket?” a raspy voice yells from somewhere up the stairs.

“I’m sorry, sir,” starts Bernard. “I tried to get him to leave, but he barged in.”

“Who?” asks Asa coming down the stairs.

He stops short when he sees me standing in the foyer. “What the hell are you doing here?” he says this through gritted teeth, voice dripping with contempt. “I thought I told you to never come back.”

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