to the ones that color outside the lines... to the ones that go against the grain... to the mavericks and the unicorns...

I adore working with switched-on, deeply rooted digital entrepreneurs. It’s how I do my best work.

That means you are…

Freedom-seeking, business-building, idea-having, mad-passionate creative powerhouse. You dream of making waves and revolutions, and you care deeply. But your ideas are bigger than your business acumen.

So you need…

Help. You know you have something, but right now, it all feels like a jumble of mismatched puzzle pieces. You need a guide; someone to show you the picture on the box and help you connect the corners and fill in the pieces in all the right places.

And you want…

>> Answers. Maps. Plans to take you through what should happen first, second, and beyond…

>> Help creating courses, ebooks, and signature services.

>> Visionary brand development that will give voice to your big ideas.

>> Sexypants design that reflects your biggest, brightest vision.

So I…

Do that.

All of that.

And more…

I call it Creative Midwifery

Your stories, ideas, passions, creative concepts, life experience, and skills all go in one end of this digital creative agency. Then we stir it all up in the Cats Meow Media Badassery Business Machine. We write for you, we consult with you, we strategize and plan for you, we design for you, and we listen to you.

We help you nail down your business bliss until profitable clarity emerges and out pops a bouncing baby business – primed and prepped for you to have the freedom-filled life and livelihood you have always dreamed of.

My main program is Signature™, a complete end-to-end branding system designed for. If you want your ideal clients looking at your branding and website and breathing a sigh of relief, knowing in their heart that they have found the person to solve their problems, this is the program for you. Then, with your business structure and shiny new branding in place you are ready to build and uplevel with my add-on business building initiatives. Think content management, course creation, list building, and product launches. And if you just want some quick-hit strategy and planning (while indulging in juicy gossip) we can schedule a quick consulta or a full-on VIP day. Read on to see how this all breaks down.


This is a holistic, heart-centered process to rebranding your business that gives you the confidence and professionalism to take on the world. I offer a complete turnkey solution that gives you a brand you’ll want to parade down the street and throw a party for because she’s the best reflection of you. This branding package goes way beyond a slick image for your brand. It cultivates trust and credibility for your business.


Signature™ Author

First of all, if you’re an author or aspiring author, I already love you. Authors are a special breed that have special branding needs. In this combination branding and platform building program, we’ll take you through clarifying your brand to define your professional life for a long time to come, embodying that brand as you begin to interact with others, identifying and accessing communities that want the books you write, and releasing your work.


Signature™ Swirl

I get it, you’re multi-passionate, have a myriad of interests and skills and don’t do just one thing. Well, you can still build a solid, integrated brand that speaks to all the wonderful facets you possess. After watching hundreds of clients struggle with multiple-passion-itis — and after suffering from it myself — I became obsessed with finding a cure. A way to twirl all of your skills, passions & guilty pleasures into an obsession-worthy brand & business plan!


Game Plan

Want to get one nagging project done or even plot out your business and marketing year? This is the session you want. 90 minutes of pure momentum. Just answer a few questions about what you want to get done (or what you want your year to look like), schedule your call and then hop on it. We’ll dish about the latest episode of whatever you like while we sketch out a practical, workable game plan, step-by-step. There’ll be *zero* overwhelm because you’ll know exactly what to do and when. 


This is a virtual, full-day self-promotion & storytelling experience—an intensive mash-up of loving advice, laser beam attention and rapid-fire copywriting. The pre-session PlayBook is designed to get you primed for the day, while taking me on a lightspeed tour of your entrepreneurial galaxy. It’s also a pretty neat story-exploration tool, if you’re planning to repackage your skills & rewrite your shizz on your own. (And more power to you.) 

Luxe VIP Day

You & me, 1 on 1, for an entire day devoted to strategizing and mapping out your big, bold dreams! Maybe you want to brainstorm a year’s worth of content ideas, jazz up your marketing plan, craft emails that you can send to potential clients, or create pitches to introduce you to media outlets. Whatever your goal, you’ll get all-day access to my brain—so we can pool together the best and most creative strategies that will have you feeling super on top of things in no time.

Fun fact: I love to read the Tarot. Been reading since I was about 15. This is not about seedy alleyways and fake crystal balls. This career stuff can be scary and confusing at times. It’s hard to know if you’re on the right path or even what you really want to do. Tarot is a great tool to help clarify some of that for you. So if you’re not afraid to dig deeper and explore a teensy bit of “woo woo,” read on and book a career clarity reading with me.

Releasing Limiting Beliefs

Releasing limiting beliefs is incredibly important if you want to live a “high-vibe” life and stay connected with your inner self. You need to clear out the static, debris, distractions, and noise that garble your intuition and make it harder to hear and trust its voice.

The Two Options Spread

Use this Tarot reading when you are faced with two challenging choices and need to make a quick, decisive, and soul-inspired decision.

Discover Your Soul Purpose

This is a potent experience designed to help you uncover the layers of your soul purpose so that you can live every day in alignment. Combine this reading with other regular practices such as meditation and journaling to deepen its effect and explore what it means for you.

Career Alignment Check

The Career Alignment Check-In will help you assess where you are right now and how you can bring your career into better alignment with your true self. 

The Manifestation Spread

Ready to manifest your wildest dreams? Don’t let fear or doubt creep in and distract you from your purpose. Try this reading to help you understand how you are currently in relationship with your goal and your best path toward finally make your dreams a reality.

Make A Career Transition

Could it be that you’re hearing a call to make a change—a big change—in your career direction? If yes, then this five-step process will help you to make a career change – consciously and mindfully.

Some things I truly believe that guide my daily work.

Your path is yours alone

I don’t believe in cookie-cutter websites, brands or businesses. Do what you uniquely do in a way that’s uniquely yours.

Do what you can do now

Sure we’d all like to be able to have multi-million dollar businesses. And some of us do. Most of us don’t. But that’s not an excuse. There’s never a “perfect time.” There’s always a solution. Start where you are now, with what you have now. Upgrade and level up when you can.

Less talk and more action

There’s a time to talk and there’s a time to shut things down. Planning is important, yes. But knowing when to stop planning and get up and DO something…even more so.

Continue to push the envelope

Great things never came from comfort zones.

Building a creative business is a revolutionary act

Going against the grain can be dangerous in our society. Good thing you’re fearless! I firmly believe that people pursuing and building from their passions and talents will fundamentally change the world.


When you work with me, your brand becomes my baby too and I will look after it with dedicated, passionate hands! I take on a small selection of clients every year to ensure each is personally taken care of. When you say yes to going on this journey, it’s bigger than the project. You get a long term creative partner and biz cheerleader!


Do you ever work with contractors on a one-off project and feel like they never really understood your business? This is different. I will seriously know your business inside and out… and back to front… and sideways by the time we’re finished. I’ll be able to work for you from a deep place of understanding about the big picture of your business.


 I have spent nearly ten years refining my branding process, while working on 50 + rebrands and discovering areas where business owners get stuck or places I could add more value. Many branding professionals will be great with strategy but lacking in design or great with design but won’t take you through a strategic process. My clients say I do both very well.

If you’re ready to begin our journey together and start to explore how I may be able to help, then click the button below and tell me a little about yourself.

Want more information on my Signature™ programs first? Sure thing. Just click the button below to request the Signature™ PlayBook

about me … just a geek girl at heart

I was introduced to the digital world back in high school (Brooklyn Tech stand up!) and have never looked back. My mom got me my first computer back in 1997 (remember America Online?) and I spent five hours on it that very night. I’ve been fascinated by digital communication for as long as I can remember. I’m the kinda chick who’s lived her life online and has all kinds of stories to tell about “the old days on the internet”.

I’ve spent the last decade under Cats Meow Media’s umbrella experimenting with digital storytelling, archetypal marketing, and visceral branding.

When I’m not crafting online spaces that matter with some of the most brilliant people on the internet, you can usually find me reading comic books, playing video games, sipping champagne for no reason at all, or dancing with wild abandon in my living room.

about Cats Meow Media

When Cats Meow Media was formed in early 2012, it was just one woman with one vision: make the web a more beautiful place, one website at a time.

Now, as a small team, we’ve stepped further beyond the veneer of beauty and choose to dive deep into substance, form, emotion, and creativity, to determine how to best tell the story of your business to your people.

We believe that business is inherently joyful and beautiful, and that creativity, compassion, and collaboration make each project unique and utterly amazing.

And, more than anything, we want to live in a world where artists and entrepreneurs alike are celebrated for their eccentricities, as well as their incredible range of talents.

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